About Sunshine Machinery & Engineering

Sunshine is conceived with more than 15 years of accumulated experience and exposure in diverse woodworking environment, presenting a company of young and dynamic people that ultimately gives the confidence to its customers to entrust their manufacturing requirements. We are always at the forefront in offering innovative solutions and sourcing up-to-date technology to enhance productivity within a highly competitive environment.

Our experience throughout the years had enable our team to understand important technology know-how. Thus, we will never miss out on the latest development while establishing connections throughout the world, providing you the best solutions and technology to enhance your business and productivity. At the same time, our fast response and practical solutions will always establish win-win situations and reasonable pricing! Merely through the word of mouth and refered businesses, we have won positive customer response including favourable testimonials from them.

We believe the testimonials and we strive to continue winning their trust in providing better products and services.